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S3 Automatic USA

Our most popular model, the S3 Automatic offers a shock absorbent belt with 9 computer controlled programs, adjustable speeds up to 8mph and inclines from 0-10 °. This unit is for walking only. The adjustable photo cell and shock sensor ensure that the belt stops in case of abnormal behavior. All parts are fully weather-proofed and the treadmill can be used inside or outside. The HORSE GYM Treadmill comes with a 2-Year warranty. Operates on Single Phase or Three Phase power.

HORSE GYM Schematic


S1 Automatic USA

The most basic of our treadmills, the S1 is a walking model which can reach speeds of approximately 6 mph. The treadmill has one ascent ramp and is partially zinc coated to protect it against the elements. Unlike the other HORSE GYM treadmills the gradient of the walking surface cannot be altered. All HORSE GYM accessories are compatible with the S1. Operates on Single Phase or Three Phase power.

  • Dimensions:
  • 4.8m long x 1.6m wide
  • Running surface 4.1m long x 0.8m wide
  • Finance options can be tailored to suit your requirements.


All HORSE GYM features are controlled through the Control Panel.


The height adjustable Electric Eye protects the horse by automatically stopping the treadmill if the horse stumbles.


The Quick Release Tail Bar releases easily by swinging the handle.