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Research by Landman Economics and Geofutures for the Campaign for Fairer Gambling has found a clear relationship between the extent of deprivation in local areas and the number of betting shops in those areas114. The industry is not, however, merely responding to the demand, it is to some extent driving it. Ease of access to betting shops incites and encourages gambling This is an important social issue, and one way of alleviating the problem would be to increase the regulatory powers of local authorities. We deal with this in the following chapter.115 Lone working in betting shops

Dr James Banks, Reader in Criminology at Sheffield Hallam University, raised concerns about the practice of lone working in betting shops. He stated that to prevent gambling from being a source of crime or disorder (one of the licensing objectives) “I would encourage LBO [licensed betting office] operators to abolish lone working, with a view to reducing the likelihood of robbery and the risk posed to retail staff.”



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