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HORSE GYM USA   The SUN Solarium


The SUN Solarium 

  • Warm up and relax back muscles before training

  • Promote blood circulation and recovery after training

  • Quickly dry your horse in warm or cool weather

  • Fitted with a rear mounted blower, air is blown evenly across the horse's back, ensuring optimal effect

  • Electroplated and powder-coated finish to ensure long lasting durability.

15 Lamp vs. 25 Lamp

​The 15 IR Lamp solarium is made three rows of lamps with five lamps in each row and four blowers to distribute the heat.

The SUN Solarium Product Options

The 25 IR Lamp

The SUN 25 has six blowers. With the SUN 25 a wet horse can be dried in as little as ten minutes. The SUN 25 is provided with a switch to turn off two of the five rows of lamps to reduce its energy expenditure.

The SUN Solarium is the optimal tool to help increase blood flow, circulation, and muscle elasticity. HORSE GYM USA offers two solarium models to meet the need for treatment, healing, and drying. Infra-red (IR) rays from the SUN produce heat which enters the horse’s muscles and helps increase blood circulation to promote healing. The infrared light prompts the release of nitric oxide providing a boost in blood flow, bringing oxygen to injured, aching tissues and results in faster healing. The SUN can be used before training, after training and to keep horses warm for optimal performance.


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