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The RELAX is perfect as either a pre training warm up or a post training recovery aid. RELAX is a unique machine with a vertical vibrating surface that utilizes three-dimensional movement to evenly distribute on all four limbs. It strengthens the muscles that stabilize the horses joints, providing great results for horses with back and SI issues.  RELAX comes combined with a solarium, the SUN, equipped with deep penetrating infrared lamps for loosening back muscles and increasing both blood circulation and healing rates.


  • Increase blood circulation

  • Increase healing of injuries and reduce rehabilitation period

  • Train and strengthen muscle

  • Treatment against colic

  • Regular use enhances absorption of food and increases digestion

  • Helps remove lactic acid from muscles

Download the RELAX & SUN instruction manual here.


  • Touch display for easy control

  • 10 programs for controlling time and vibrating intensity

  • Customize up to 100 horses with their own program 

  • Hot-dipped galvanized frame for durability and weather resistance

  • Oscillating vertical vibrating floor

  • Floor sits on airbags

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