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The WATER Treadmill is the ultimate addition to any training, conditioning or rehabilitation program. The WATER Treadmill provides resistance for the horse while moving through the water. It is an amazing way to cross-train all disciplines of horses. In addition the WATER Treadmill can used as part of a rehabilitation program. 

The WATER Treadmill

  • Accelerate Conditioning

  • Improve Performance

  • Enhance Muscle Development and Flexibility

  • Higher Intensity workout

  • Optimal Top-line Positioning When Compared to Swimming

  • Recover From Injury Without Undue Strain

  • Buoyancy Lessens the Weight on Limbs By Up to 60%

Download the WATER Treadmill instruction manual here.

The WATER Treadmill allows horses to be exercised  in water up to shoulder height. The WATER allows you to easily manage a horse’s buoyancy and resistance on limbs by adjusting the depth of the water up to 44 inches. The WATER Treadmill may also be used as a dry treadmill with or without the available incline.

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  • 3 phase filtration system to remove impurities from the water

  • Adjustable photocell and sensor to ensure belt stops in the event of abnormal horse behavior

  • Clear, shatterproof doors and sidewalls to allow for unobstructed viewing

  • 2 emergency stop buttons

  • Minimal maintenance

  • Commercial grade stainless steel reduced the risk of rust and corrosion

  • Control box at the head of the horse 

Facility Layout with The WATER Treadmill



WATER Treadmill






WATER Treadmill In-Ground

With the option to have the WATER Treadmill above ground or set in the ground, any facility can organize their operations to accommodate a variety of different layouts.


The in-ground design provides a seamless integration of the WATER Treadmill to the floor. A major benefit to this design is the ability for horses to walk straight into the WATER Treadmill without the use of the ramp.


 A major benefit to the design of the WATER Treadmill is the ability to bury the plumbing underneath the floor and lead it to another part of the barn. This allows for the filtration system to be placed out of the way of the daily operations. 


Regardless of preference for the in-ground or above ground WATER Treadmill, a HORSE GYM USA® technician will work with you to find the best placement so  your barn, rehab facility or veterinary practice will function at optimum capacity.

WAK Vids

The WATER Videos 

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