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The WALK Treadmill is the cornerstone of HORSE GYM USA equipment. This equine treadmill combines advanced technology and the highest standard of safety features. The WALK Treadmill offers upgraded features and functionality to accommodate horses of all disciplines.

The WALK Treadmill

  • Build Strength

  • Improve Endurance

  • Develop Muscles

  • Recover From Injury in a Controlled Environment

  • Increase Stamina and Flexibility



Like You've Never Seen It Before!

Download the WALK Treadmill instruction manual here.


The WALK Treadmill provides variable speed and incline settings allowing users to customize workouts for individual horses. The ability to have the horse walk in a straight line without the weight of a saddle and rider increases the swing and overall flexibility of the horse’s back while developing back, core, and hindquarter muscles. This development can lead to increased stamina, strength, and improved soundness. The WALK Treadmill is also a timesaver as most horses can be exercised on it unattended within a week of introduction. 



  • Stop/Start incline and speed adjust during session 

  • Minimal maintenance

  • WALK surface is comprised of three layers of shock absorbent material similar to a turf field

  • Clear, shatter resistant side panels

  • Quick release tail bar

  • Control box at the head of the horse for safe, one-person operation

  • Adjustable photocell and shock sensor to ensure belt stops in the event of abnormal horse behavior

  • 2 emergency stop buttons

  • Entry and exit ramps with side bars for safe loading and unloading

  • Foldable viewing stand for unobstructed monitoring

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The WALK Treadmill Videos 

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