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The Cold Saltwater SPA uses cryo-therapy, aeration, and saltwater therapy to increase the healing and recovery benefits. The cold water serves as a topical analgesic and reduces swelling in areas of concern. In addition to the cryo-therapy and aeration benefits, the SPA is especially useful post session as while the horse warms up, blood flow increases to the limbs and  continues to promote healing


  • Helps Heal Soft Tissue Damage

  • Effective Treatment for Fungus

  • Aid in Healing Hoof Cracks and Abscesses

  • Beneficial for Joint Infections

  • Aids in Recovery from Lacerations and Infections

  • Increased Blood Circulation Post Use of SPA

Download the SPA instruction manual here.

The SPA utilizes saltwater  to draw out and effect fluid dispersal. The SPA helps horses get sound faster and stay healthier. It is also ideal for ten to twenty minutes of daily use for horses in training programs.

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  • All-in-one design with built-in cooling system and tankage cools water down to 35°F with minimum energy expenditure

  • Touch display for easy control of treatment time, water level, and jet intensity

  • One-hand door system for safe loading/unloading

  • Stainless steel design to prevent corrosion

  • Quiet system designed with cooling system inside the unit

  • 2 clear shatterproof doors


The SPA Videos 

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