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Dr. Brendan Furlong’s State of the Art Soundness Center Chooses HORSE GYM USA®

Wellington, FL (August 14, 2015)— The B.W. Furlong & Associates Veterinary Hospital’s new Soundness Center is enjoying its first summer in operation, and horses of all ages, breeds, and disciplines are benefitting from the Center’s advanced rehabilitation and reproductive services. The Oldwick, New Jersey facility is run by Dr. Brendan Furlong, who has been a successful equine veterinarian for over thirty-five years. Furlong has served as veterinarian for the U.S. Equestrian Team throughout multiple Olympic Games, World Equestrian Games, World Championships, and other prestigious competitions.

After extensive research on Dr. Furlong’s behalf, he chose to use HORSE GYM USA® treadmills and equipment at the Soundness Center, which opened on May 1, 2015. “To me, the most compelling reason to go with HORSE GYM® was that they had everything that I felt I needed to get the Soundness Center up and running. A lot of thought has gone into the products and they’re horse friendly. So far we are very, very pleased with them,” stated Furlong.

Every horse at Furlong’s Soundness Center has a treatment plan that is strictly managed by a veterinarian. The Center is excited to advance the areas of treating and rehabilitating sport horses with the help of HORSE GYM USA® products.

A mission of the Soundness Center is to provide the best state-of-the-art modalities available, so choosing HORSE GYM USA® made perfect sense. The Center is outfitted with the HORSE GYM USA® | WALK treadmill, the HORSE GYM USA® | WATER (which can fill with water up to a horse’s shoulder or be used dry), the HORSE GYM USA® | SPA (a cold, saltwater solution to soaking, icing, and bandaging legs while bubbles create therapeutic, wave-like action), and the HORSE GYM USA® | RELAX, which is a zero-impact conditioning platform consisting of a vibrating surface with three-dimensional movement and a solarium with deep penetrating infrared lamps.

According to Dr. Furlong, the HORSE GYM USA® products are helping rehabilitate and condition the injured equine patients at the Center. “All of our horses are recovering from various injuries,” said Furlong. “Using HORSE GYM USA® equipment is a way that we can encourage movement without over-using the ligaments or the muscles, and we can keep the muscles from atrophying in general by being able to keep the horses moving. My theory is that for these horses that are rehabilitating, the more interesting their lives can be, the more appropriate exercise that they can do, and the more time they’re out of their stall is the better for the horse.”

Dr. Sarah Gold of B.W. Furlong and Associates explains that the HORSE GYM USA® products are as beneficial for the horses’ minds as for their bodies. “The equipment allows us to give the professional equine a ‘job’ and a daily routine that is good for their mind and bodies as they heal,” she said. According to Gold, current horses at the Soundness Center are acclimating to the HORSE GYM USA® treadmills quite well.

Pioneering in equine rehabilitation one step at a time is the schedule for Furlong’s Soundness Center. The future for the Soundness Center is to introduce under saddle rehabilitation into the program, and engage the expertise of world-renown physiotherapists on a regular consultation basis.

HORSE GYM USA® leads the industry for equine treadmills with products that build healthy, winning athletes and save time for grooms, riders, and trainers to condition or rehabilitate their horses. The innovative HORSE GYM USA® models are available for purchase or for lease to make the products affordable for all horse owners. To learn more, visit or visit the Facebook page


Photo: The B.W. Furlong & Associates Veterinary Hospital’s new Soundness Center in Oldwick, NJ, proudly uses HORSE GYM USA® products (Photo courtesy of HORSE GYM USA®)

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