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Lord Locksley Crowned HORSE GYM USA® Top Equine Athlete Award Winner at Adequan Global Dressage Fest

Wellington, FL (March 3, 2015)— They’re an unforgettable pair whenever they enter a Grand Prix arena— and now Susanne Hamilton of Maine and the 16.1-hand grey stallion, Lord Locksley, have been named HORSE GYM USA® Top Equine Athlete Award winners at one of the richest and most celebrated shows in the world, the Adequan Global Dressage Festival.

“This has been a fantastic show.  We’re only in our second season at Grand Prix. He’s fourteen now. I started him. He was sitting in a pasture at seven-and-a-half years-old, then I got him as a coming eight year-old and did our debut at Training Level Test 2 with Tom Poulin at a 52 percent. Now, he’s at Grand Prix, CDI level. How far he’s come!” Hamilton told Mikala Gundersen of HORSE GYM USA®, fondly referring to the Trakhener (Unkenruf x Lida x Enrico Caruso) bred by Tylord Farm and owned by Margaret Stevens of Phippsburg, Maine.

“He’s a real lady’s horse. I don’t have to ride with a whip— he’s got so much engine. He comes into the ring and he’s sensitive. You just have to sit there pretty and think the thought, and he’s with you. He’s just amazing that way.” Hamilton told Gundersen that keeping her equine partner at the top of his game comes down to the basics: “I feed him really well, and turn out helps a lot, too. I do a lot of walking before and after our rides. He’s my ‘hack pony’.”

Walking is one of the best ways to build strength and endurance, and since 2004, HORSE GYM USA® has been a trusted name in equine treadmills and therapeutic equipment for horses and riders. Founders Henrik and Mikala Gundersen have been presenting HORSE GYM USA® Top Equine Athlete Awards during each CDI series through March 29 of the Adequan Global Dressage Festival in Wellington, Florida. The impressive award includes a HORSE GYM USA® jacket, saddle pad, cap, and commemorative ribbon.

HORSE GYM USA® Top Equine Athlete Awards go to horses whose prime condition and athletic ability embody fitness, strength, and endurance. HORSE GYM USA® is a leader in equine treadmills in America, with more than 500 equine gyms sold across all disciplines. The company’s innovations include a dry treadmill, the HORSE GYM USA® | WALK, that offers a generous trade-in on older treadmills; an all-in-one HORSE GYM USA® | WATER, which can fill with water up to a horse’s shoulder, or be used dry; HORSE GYM USA® | SPA, a cold, saltwater solution to soaking, icing, and bandaging legs while bubbles create therapeutic, wave-like action; and the new programmable vibration plate, the HORSE GYM USA® | RELAX, with separate solarium, SUN 15, to warm up, cool out, and offer zero-impact conditioning.

Learn more about the trusted quality and reputation behind HORSE GYM USA® products by visiting or find them on Facebook at


Photo 1: Susanne Hamilton and Lord Locksley win the HORSE GYM USA® Top Equine Athlete Award (Photo courtesy of JRPR— no photo credit necessary)

Photo 2: Mikala Gundersen (left) of HORSE GYM USA® presents Susanne Hamilton (right) with the HORSE GYM USA® Top Equine Athlete Award (Photo courtesy of JRPR— no photo credit necessary)

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