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The Walk to the Winners’ Circle Starts with HORSE GYM USA®

Wellington, FL (July 31, 2015)— Only ten years ago, equine treadmills were seen as a foreign addition to therapeutic and rehabilitative care. Now in 2015, treadmills are commonly accepted as a staple for keeping horses healthy, sound, and fit.

With over a decade of experience in providing equine sport equipment, HORSE GYM USA® is a top choice for equestrians seeking a safe, customizable daily training and conditioning program that gives them a winning advantage in today’s competitive arena. The quality design, safety features, and easy operation of the HORSE GYM USA® | WALK treadmill have made it a special favorite among equestrians. HORSE GYM USA® is proud to now introduce impressive advancements to the WALK treadmill, with innovative features and expanded functionality to better accommodate a variety of horse owners— from amateurs to elite professionals.

“The new WALK has several design improvements,” explains Jill Townsend, Sales Manager at HORSE GYM USA®. “The floor and tread are a foot longer, and the sides are higher as well. The floor system has an extra layer of shock absorbent material, providing even less concussion for the horses.” With the WALK’s improvements, it is now easier and safer than ever to help horses reach the fitness levels you aspire towards. No matter what the weather, terrain, or rider’s abilities, a winning body condition is always attainable with HORSE GYM USA®.

This minimal-maintenance treadmill still features clear shatterproof sides, a quick-release tail bar, and a hot-dip galvanized steel frame for rugged resilience in all climates. Built for safety, the WALK contains an adjustable photocell and shock sensor to ensure that the belt stops in the event of unexpected behavior. “The controls are now at the head of the horse,” Townsend adds. “This allows for safe introduction to the treadmill using just one person.”

The HORSE GYM USA® | WALK treadmill is remarkably easy to operate, featuring touch display with support for multiple languages. It has ten fixed programs installed, with up to 100 additional program slots. The speed and incline are both adjustable, maximizing at 9.3 MPH and a 10-degree incline. The combination of adjustable speed and incline, as well as the ability to control the intensity and duration of a session, allows for a horse’s conditioning program to be expertly tailored to the specific horse’s needs.

“The new WALK allows for even more customizability in that the computer has the ability for you to make specific programs for each horse,” says Townsend. “This allows you to program a slower warm up speed for a few minutes before the horse moves into a working walk— or, after a hard workout, you can have a slower cool down period at the end of the program.”

The new upgrades make 2015 the perfect year for first-time users to invest in a WALK and discover the HORSE GYM USA® advantage. The new WALK model is also a great choice for those who already own a HORSE GYM USA® treadmill. “We are now offering generous trade-ins for your old treadmill,” says HORSE GYM USA® President Henrik Gundersen, “so it is a perfect time to upgrade.”

To learn more about the all-new HORSE GYM USA® | WALK, visit


Photo: HORSE GYM USA® is proud to now introduce impressive advancements to the WALK treadmill (Photo courtesy of HORSE GYM USA® )

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