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IALHA National Grand Champion Adelina RLA Wins HORSE GYM USA® Top Equine Athlete Award

Lexington, VA (September 17, 2015) – Equestrians in the winners’ circle know that first place ribbons go hand in hand with outstanding athletic ability. Chery Thompson’s mount Adelina RLA was in top form at the 2015 International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association (IALHA) National Championships, held at the Virginia Horse Park in Lexington, Virginia. Her stellar athleticism caught the attention of the judges and show committee, earning her the HORSE GYM USA® Top Equine Athlete Award. The pair also rode away as National Grand Champion in four out of the five classes they entered.

The HORSE GYM USA® Top Equine Athlete Award was newly established this year to celebrate HORSE GYM USA®’s tenth anniversary as an industry leader in equine treadmills and therapeutic equipment. The award is presented at shows around the country to a horse who exemplifies prime body condition and athletic ability— qualities held in high esteem by HORSE GYM USA®. With victories in the Half Andalusian/Lusitano (1/2 A/L) Senior Mare Open and Amateur, 1/2 A/L Dressage Sport Horse in Hand, 1/2 A/L Best Movement, and 1/2 A/L Hunt Seat, Adelina RLA exhibited impressive strength, endurance, and a strong top line. Thompson was presented with a commemorative HORSE GYM USA® Top Equine Athlete ribbon, a trophy, and a Top Equine Athlete Award Cooler.

Adelina RLA is a recent addition to Thompson’s Washington, Illinois based farm.  In March of this year, Thompson purchased her as a horse for her grandchildren to show. “Before this, Adelina had only lived on the west coast, so we’re hoping she can adjust to the Illinois winters,” said Thompson, adding that despite her newcomer status, Adelina RLA is already very sociable and gets along with all of the other horses in the barn. “Her personality is more like a gelding than a mare. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body!” Although Thompson greatly enjoys riding the mare herself and proved at the IALHA National Championships that they are a powerful pair, she is most excited about the instant bond that Adelina and her granddaughter formed. “Adelina has been known to share a Popsicle with ‘her kid,’” Thompson smiled.

Part of Thompson’s secret to keeping Adelina RLA at the top of her game is finding time to use the natural resources close to home. “Across the street from our farm is an 800-acre state park with over 10 miles of equestrian trails,” says Thompson. HORSE GYM USA® understands that not every rider has access to miles of terrain to exercise on— so the company has created a way for everyone to have access to Thompson’s secret to success.

HORSE GYM USA® treadmills—such as the HORSE GYM USA® | WALK or HORSE GYM USA® | TROT models— only take up a few square feet, but produce excellent fitness results. It’s easy to develop a training program for your horses with these treadmills, featuring touch display with support for multiple languages. Ten fixed exercise programs are installed, with up to 100 additional program slots. The speed and incline are both adjustable, maximizing at 9.3 MPH and a 10-degree incline. The combination of adjustable speed and incline, as well as the ability to control the intensity and duration of a session, allows for a horse’s conditioning program to be expertly tailored to the specific horse’s needs. With HORSE GYM USA®, never miss a day of training due to poor weather or lack of space to ride in.

Since 2004, HORSE GYM USA® has been helping equestrians of all levels and disciplines achieve that consistency under saddle through winning body conditions. With innovative products that perfectly complement the training and conditioning programs needed to reach the top levels of equestrian sports, HORSE GYM USA® can help you attain the fitness levels of a Top Equine Athlete— regardless of weather, terrain, or a rider’s abilities. Learn more about the trusted quality and reputation behind HORSE GYM USA® products by visiting or follow the company on Facebook at


Photo: Adelina RLA, owned by Chery Thompson, won the HORSE GYM USA®  Top Equine Athlete Award at the International Andalusian and Lusitano National Championships in Lexington, Va.


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