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McLain Ward Adds HORSE GYM USA® SPA To His Recipe For Success

September 24, 2017

As 2017 is quickly nearing its end, we cannot forget the memorable moments the equestrian world has been so fortune to witness this past year.

McLain Ward at the Beijing Games 2008

One of those memorable events that certainly will continue to be fondly looked back on by equestrian fans everywhere is the incredible weekend where USA showjumping rider and 2 time olympic gold medallist, McLain Ward, added FEI World Cup Finals winner to his grand list of achievements. Not only winning the prestigious finale event of the year long qualifying season, he dominated the field showing spectators everywhere why he deserved to win the title in front of his home-crowd on American soil.

The HORSE GYM USA® team, including owner Henrik Gundersen, have always admired and respected the horseman and rider that Mclain Ward is, as well as the handpicked team he has behind him which includes FEI Groom of the Year nominee, Lee McKeever who has worked with McLain Ward for over 30 years. When Mclain and his team approached HORSE GYM USA® back in 2007 about ways to improve and add to the horses’ fitness and wellness program, it was clear that the HORSE GYM USA® products would be a valuable addition to their program.

In 2017, McLain Ward added the HORSE GYM USA® SPA to his Wellington, FL barn and program. With the Wellington Winter Equestrian Festival hosting some of the most prestigious jumping events in the world and almost weekly, McLain and his team, like many top horsemen, were most concerned about the comfort, health and longevity of the horses. With todays synthetic footing, course demands, and top competition, the horses health and wellness is becoming more and more a priority for many barns’ daily routines. McLain Ward is a true believer and fan of the HORSE GYM USA® Cold-salt-water therapy SPA and its unique features that separate it from other equine spas on the market.

Rothchild (aka Bongo) enjoying his HORSE GYM USA® SPA

McLain and his team value the effects of the HORSE GYM USA® SPA to such a high extent, HORSE GYM USA® service team members relocated the equine SPA in a matter of days post-WEF in time for the summer season, where McLain and his team base out of Castle Hill Farm in Brewster, NY.

Part of their stunning facilities, HORSE GYM USA® is proud to be a part of this fantastic team’s operation and continues to follow and support the success McLain and his riders achieve across the USA and the world.

HORSE GYM USA® owner, Henrik Gundersen

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