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Taking Equine Care to a New Level – Give Your Horse the Spa Treatment with HORSE GYM USA®

Wellington, FL (September 1, 2015)— Strenuous training for competition characteristically leads to stress on the body and mind. For those who participate in sports, the cool down after a workout is just as important as the training itself. All athletes, be it human or equine, can benefit from pre and post event therapy.

That is why HORSE GYM USA® is proud to introduce the innovative HORSE GYM USA® | SPA treatment for equine athletes. For over ten years, HORSE GYM USA® has been a leading provider of equine sports equipment that allows equestrians to customize a safe, daily training and conditioning program for their horses. The SPA is a powerful addition to an already essential line of products that truly give equine athletes a competitive edge in the show ring.

The HORSE GYM USA® | SPA has a superior design to other hydrotherapy products on the market, as it has no separate cooling unit— resulting in less noise, less power consumption, and a smaller negative impact on the environment. The SPA fills and empties salt water more efficiently because all of the components are kept inside the unit, allowing for shorter and thicker gauge pipes. A European leader in commercial refrigeration, the Danfoss Company, helped to design and manufacture the cooling technology utilized in the HORSE GYM USA® | SPA. In addition to the more advanced technical components, the SPA also features a touch screen control that allows for greater ease of use.

“The SPA is a great addition to our lineup of products, and has been very well received both by top show barns and also by veterinarians,” said Townsend. “The cold salt water SPA is an original solution to icing and bandaging horses’ legs. The bubbles create a wave-type action that allows the water to move evenly across each leg of the horse, like being in a cold stream or ocean.”

Another valuable feature of the HORSE GYM USA® | SPA is that it does not require perfectly level ground, and can be easily moved from one location to another. Its adjustable feet and design allow the machine to be lifted in the top frame, making it easy to relocate if needed. Transferring a horse from one barn to another for training and competitions no longer means your equine partner has to miss out on a therapy treatment.

Townsend explains, “The HORSE GYM USA® | SPA hosts a variety of key features and an all-in-one design, making it one of the best available options in hydrotherapy. Cold water spa treatment is extremely beneficial to any leg injury, and with saltwater hydrotherapy, both blood circulation and the rate of healing is increased.” The application of cold water also serves as a topical analgesic— reducing fluid that may accumulate in areas of concern— and lessens the metabolic cellular demand for oxygen, decreasing the chance of hypoxic injury.

The HORSE GYM USA® | SPA’s healing benefits also extend to horses in various levels of recovery. This includes helping to heal soft tissue injuries, bone fractures, and active splints. The SPA is a safe treatment for fungus, and is responsible for a decreased risk of infection in lacerations and joints post-operation. The SPA has also been known to help heal quarter cracks and abscesses in the hoof.

Top competitors in almost every discipline from show jumping and dressage to flat racing and barrel racing sing the praises of cold water spa treatments to keep their horses sound and speed recovery when injuries occur.  “It is the wave of future,” explains HORSE GYM USA® founder, Henrik Gundersen, a successful international show jumper himself, “To stay competitive we have to take horse care to new levels.  I proud of what our SPA contribute to horses’ welfare.”

For more information on HORSE GYM USA® and the benefits of the HORSE GYM USA® | SPA, visit


Photo: The HORSE GYM USA®  SPA encourages relaxation and helps with prevention of injuries.

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